We’ve all been there. We’ve made resolutions on 1st January that are probably more influenced by the hangovers we’ve had than any actual internal reflection we’ve done. Setting your personal New Year’s Resolutions aside, there are definitely some quick and easy social media goals you could add to your life. Goodbye 2020, hello 2021!

Start engaging with your followers.

I know, finding the time to reply and retweet on Twitter is time-consuming. Same goes for Facebook and Instagram. However, if you’re not engaging with your fans, you’re missing the point of marketing. Social media is a relationship. If someone takes the time to comment on a post of yours, you should give them the courtesy of replying. It’s how you build rapport and goodwill.

Invest in videos and photography.

Video content is going to be even bigger this year on Facebook. As far as images go, I can tell you that every single client I have ever worked with has seen an uplift in likes and engagement when they create nice-looking images and post them across their social media networks. People love a good photo, inspiring quote or cool video, so give them what they want.

Read and research.

Social media is constantly changing, and the only way to keep up is to follow industry leaders online, read articles and books and listen to podcasts. If you’re managing your own social media, you need to keep learning what the current trends are, what may be the next big thing, and what tips and tricks you can learn to make better use of your time managing social media. You should also follow my Facebook page for some great ideas and social media hacks.

Stop trying to do it all!

If you find that social media and marketing is just one thing too much, and you’re overwhelmed by the work involved, feel free to get in touch for a chat about how I might be able to help you. Often just a few hours a week can make a huge difference. Outsource more in 2021 and you’ll find your quality of life goes way up.

As uncertain and confusing as 2020 was, I think many business owners became even more focused on their businesses and what they want. Make 2021 a good year for you, and your business.