Once you’ve put the hard yards into crafting a blog post that’s informative, interesting and shareable, you need to get it out there. To get the most bang from your blogging buck, here are my suggestions for sites to share your work so it gets seen, read and shared…

All the socials

FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestLinkedIn, you name it! Share your blog posts on your business social media accounts and your personal accounts too, if you feel comfortable with that. However, be aware of your audience – sometimes blog content is appropriate for Facebook, but maybe not for LinkedIn, which has more of a business and professional vibe.

Email newsletters

If you don’t have one, create one. MailChimp is an easy (and free) platform to create and send out email newsletters. Once you have people signed up to receive your email newsletters, you can promote your content and services on a regular basis. The great thing about MailChimp (or indeed any email newsletter platform) is that you can track who opens and clicks on the links in your newsletters, so you can see what types of content are generating the most interest.


Never heard of Reddit? Check out what it is here. It’s best to have an active personal Reddit account, and only occasionally share company blog posts once or twice a month. Reddit isn’t for everybody, so spend some time seeing if you can use it effectively for your business without coming across as a spammer.

Your Google My Business page

You can feature posts, photos and content on your Google My Business page so be mindful to add this type of content to your My Business page on a regular basis.

LinkedIn Groups

A great place to share blog posts or ideas is on any LinkedIn groups you belong to. They are often industry-related groups so this is a good way of establishing yourself as an expert in your particular area, and a nice way of sharing content with like-minded colleagues across your industry.

Facebook Groups

This is different to your personal or business Facebook page. I don’t know about you, but I certainly belong to a LOT of groups on Facebook. Whether they are local ‘Mums in Business’-type groups or groups that align you with a particular geographic area or interest, think about opportunities for posting your content on these pages. Some pages have regular ‘Business Night’ posts, where members can share links to their websites or blogs, so keep an eye out for these.


SlideShare bills itself as “the world’s largest professional content sharing community.” One way to get the most mileage out of your content is by taking highlights and turning it into a presentation for SlideShare. Changing the format you present your content in can help reach a wider audience. You’ll need to create an account and SlideShare is best used for professional business-related content.


There are lots of ways you can use YouTube in regards to blog content. You could convert blog content into a mini film, an animated video, or you could record a video of yourself or a team member discussing the key points in your blog post.

Sharing blog content is all about finding the best platforms for your specific content. Think about who your target market is, and where they’re hanging out and looking for information, and go from there. If you’d like any help, feel free to get in touch with me.