LinkedIn is my favourite social media platform. Ok, let me clarify – Facebook is my favourite overall. However, LinkedIn is my favourite for business purposes. I enjoy connecting with previous work colleagues, making new connections and seeing what everyone’s up to. And it’s also a great platform to promote your business and what makes you stand out. Here are some useful ways that you can use LinkedIn to promote your business.

1. Create a company profile

A company profile allows you to separate your individual profile from your business. You create a page that includes information about what your company does, your history, and how people can contact you. Larger organisations should have a company profile as a matter of course. It’s also appropriate for some small businesses to have one too.

2. Answer a question

Do you know about LinkedIn Answers? I recently discovered this platform to get answers to your questions, and offer solutions to other people’s problems. You can Start a new Forum discussion or submit an answer to someone’s question. It’s a great way to share your expertise and help others.

3. Participate in groups

You might be a member of several groups on LinkedIn already, but you need to leverage that membership by actually participating in discussions. Each time you participate, your photo and name are included, and you increase your chances of people viewing your profile, and the content you post there.

4. Create a group

Create your own group! Creating a company-branded group for your clients and/or colleagues helps to facilitate discussion about your industry. A collaboration-based group, created and managed by you, can be an excellent way to get your company name and personal brand out there and recognizable.

5. Leave a status update

Post regularly so that your connections know what you’re up to. Include any links to your blog, current promotions you’re running, tips or links you find interesting and useful.

6. Ask for recommendations

I know it can feel awkward, but regularly asking clients to provide testimonials about you and your work definitely helps your profile. These reviews are listed on your profile indefinitely, so recommendations can be a great tool to establish or cement your reputation for good work.

7. Advertise

Consider creating a targeted advertising campaign with LinkedIn DirectAds. You can target your ads based on geography, job function, job title, industry, gender or age. Even starting with a small budget can help you get insights into your target market and what they perceive to be of value.

I’d love to chat about your business, and what you could achieve on LinkedIn. Get in touch and we can explore the possibilities.