If you’re in business today, whether large or small, you need to be on social media. When a potential new client or customer Googles your business, they will expect to see a website, Google reviews and your Facebook, Instagram, and other social profiles at the top of the search page. Control what information is out there about your business, using social media to brand yourself. Below are some more compelling reasons to get your business onto social media.

Your competitors are already on social media

Whatever industry you’re in, I can guarantee you that your competition is already on social media, and is reaping the rewards as a result. To compete, you have to first be a player. Create a business page on Facebook, or start with Instagram. Whatever platform your competitors are on, start with that.

The best way to connect with your customers is to go where they are

Customers are online more than ever. If they have a question, a query, or just want to show their high regard for your business by liking your Facebook page or writing a 5 star review, you should give them the chance to do so.

You can respond to problems quickly

As soon as an issue is flagged by a complaint on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform, you can jump on it and respond online. Better to deal with issues that customers bring up, than have them badmouthing your company online somewhere else.

Social media is free

It takes nothing to create content, apart from time and creativity. Whether you outsource that time and creativity to someone like me, or do it in your own time, the actual platforms you use are free and that’s a great bonus.

Social media helps create loyal customers

I can’t tell you the number of times I have been somewhere great, and I’ve immediately jumped online to like the Facebook page of the business, only to find they don’t have one, or if they do it’s not easy to find. It’s such a simple thing to create social media profiles, and helps your customers feel connected and loyal to you. And here’s something I wrote earlier about how to increase likes to your Facebook page. You’re welcome.


If I like a Facebook page, it will come up in my Facebook feed, and all of my network will see it. Same goes for most of the social media platforms. This increases the brand reach for your business and it’s common sense – if someone I know likes a business, and I like that person, chances are I will be interested to see what the business is about.

If you need assistance in setting up your business’s social profiles and creating content, I can help. Reach out to me here.